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In honor of teacher appreciation day I sent the following email to my entire school:

Dear friends,
Over the past few weeks I have somehow managed to acquire a large number of staplers, tape dispensers and hole punches.  If you have one missing and can describe it, let me know and if I have yours I’ll send it home.

Almost all of them have been claimed.  I also let my kids know that the game was over…


  1. I can almost hear the students’ collective groan of disapproval…

  2. That has to be one of the best pranks ever! Congrats. Any leftovers need to be put up on eBay.

  3. i loved this prank! never thought of anything like this before.

  4. Are you evil enough to remove all the usable staples first?

    DAMN!!!!!! that would’ve been perfect. i shoulda thought of that one…

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