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Picture it, Sicily, 1978.  A young man is nearing the end of his high school experience.  It is just a few short weeks until graduation.  The father of our young man comes home one day and says, “I’ve been transferred.  We’re moving to Oklahoma.” 

“When, dear father, will this occur?” asks the young man.


“But, father, what about school?  I’m about to graduate.”

Long story short [I know, too late] the high school I was attending in New Jersey agreed to let the new school in Oklahoma send my grades back to them and i would officially ‘graduate’ from New Jersey.  Yeah, it sucked moving that late in my senior year, but if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have met a certain young lady, and I wouldn’t have been married to her for 27 years and…    anyway.  So I have a diploma from Cherry Hill High School East.

I now teach in the high school that I moved into for 3 weeks in 1978.

After school today I was in the office of the registrar talking to her [or hiding from the kids who wanted to talk to me about an assignment that was due yesterday] when a kid came in.  He said he had graduated last year and never picked up his diploma and wondered if he could still get it.  Ruth the Registrar went into the vault and gave the kid his diploma.

Now, I have to admit, I’m sorta a smartass.  I know that may be hard to believe, but, there it is.

When Ruth the Registrar came back in her office I said, mockingly, “I graduated in 1978 and never picked up my diploma and I was wondering if I could still get it?”

Ruth the Registrar walked out without saying a word, went to vault and came back not a minute later with a large white envelope with my name on it.  And I’ll be damned, but there was my diploma.  30 years later and it was still on file.

Ruth laughed and said, “Daaaaaaaamn, tell me how good I am”

You’re good Ruth, you’re damn good.


  1. Oooo, before I finish reading this… A Golden Girls reference!!! I have Sophia in my head now! Okay, I’m going to continue now…

  2. Oh my! hahaha. That’s funny!

  3. A belated congrats on your graduation. ’78? Day=um you are really old.

  4. how big is that vault? wow!

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