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My daughter came by this morning.

She had an ultrasound this week. 

I’ve seen my grandchild’s first picture.

I am completely overwhelmed and can’t even begin to describe the feeling.

Mid-October can’t get here soon enough…


  1. congrats!!! big time!!! this is way cool. awesome how you relish the moments and the people in your life 🙂 beany

  2. You’re going to love being a grandparent; all of the fun, none of the responsibility! (So I hear – I’m not there yet.)

  3. i am reaaaaalllly looking forward to all the fun and none of the responsibility!!!

  4. Ooo, grandbaby! That’s precious!

  5. What grandpa name have you picked out? I think you’re the first cousin who will be a grandparent. Your mom and dad as great-grands… that’s awesome!

    my daugher-in-law calls me ol’ boy (hence the sig) so i think i’m going with that

  6. Congratulations!! I’m sure there’s nothing like it.

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