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Cleaning out old emails.  Here’s another…

A letter to the editor I sent to the local paper a couple years ago in repsonse to teacher pay raises being debated:

Teachers only work 180 days a year, I say pay them for those days and no other.  No Christmas break, no spring break, and definetly no summer vacation.  180 days thats it.

Everybody knows that public schools teachers today do nothing but baby-sit.  I say, pay them babysitter wages.

When I get a babysitter for my kids I pay $3 per hour per kid.  That’s what I say pay teachers.  They only work what, 7 hours a day?  Class size averages what, 30 kids?  Okay, thats 30 kids times 7 hours times $3 times 180 days.  That comes out to…  wait a minute, there’s something wrong with my calculator.  Let me run those numbers again…  that can’t be right…  that works out to $113,400 per year?

Okay, nevermind.  Go ahead and give them that raise.



  1. Love that!!! If only I made those wages teaching!! Thanks for the laugh!

    Would love to add you to my RSS reader, but I don’t see a link anywhere, am I missing it?

  2. Oops, I found the RSS Feed, guess I better scroll all the way to the bottom before asking!!

  3. Where can I find a babysitter for $3/hr??? I pay $10!

  4. hahahahaah i just read your whole blog..haha there is some funny stuff. Its almost like reading a cartoon. Great blog
    Zman sends

  5. hahaha, great point 🙂

  6. My husband and I were debating this a while back. Teachers are brave. They must put up with other people’s children all day long, lots of children. Then you must deal with parents too. Sometimes lots of parents, sometimes angry parents. Then there are student loans because teachers don’t crawl fresh out of high school ready to instruct. No, they must get secondary education.

    I don’t think they get paid nearly enough.

  7. That is an awesome letter… never have thought teachers are paid nearly enough.

  8. And here in CA, they’re actually cutting back on education costs. Hey, how else are we going to pay for more prisons?

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