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I’m very active in my local teacher’s association (read “union” in there…) and am currently at the state delegate assembly.  Pretty boring stuff, trust me.  Luckily the hotel has wireless access.

The President of the state association is the moderator of the meetings.  Just a few minutes ago he made the following announcement:

“We are going to take a 15 break now so you can go out and spread your legs.”

He immediately realized what he said and turned a bright red, and needless to say the meeting hall absolutely roared.

Really, I don’t make this stuff up…



  1. Did he also say open the windows and let the air force come in? 😀

  2. Freudian slips are so great…when someone else makes them!

  3. Hysterical! Thanks for the LOL.

  4. *giggle* Nothing like a quickie to recharge you!

  5. laughing my heart out! thanks! good one. i love it when things are said innocently! the best laughs from those! **thanks for the no breather laugh just now**

  6. this one is still killing me. had to come back and laugh all over again! you’re a riot 🙂

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