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I’m not sure how you may feel about pillows but I really become attached to mine and find it hard to sleep on a strange one.

I forgot my pillow when I packed up to come to this meeting.  I realized it when I was about 75 miles from home, too far to turn back.

When i got to my room here at the hotel I noticed there were eight pillows on the bed.  Wow.  Out of eight pillows you would think at least one might suffice.

You would think wrong.

Eight pillows and all were hard as a rock.  If a hotel was going to put eight pillows on your bed hopefully they would go with a couple of very firm ones, a couple of firm, a couple medium, and a couple soft ones. 

And this is a single room.  Why in the world would anyone need eight pillows? 

If I’m elected king o’ the world one of my first proclamations will address this issue…



  1. Yep… whenever we travel everyone takes his/her own pillow. I hate hotel beds… period.

  2. OMG! Is this my hubby’s secret blog!
    When I meet the hubby he had the most limp-noodle pillow I had ever seen. I thought maybe money was tight so I offered to buy him a new pillow. “No, I love my pillow!”

    Fast-Forward 2 years. In a complicated situation, he was leaving for a month-long trip. We packed everything up and I took him to his parent’s so they could take him to the airport while I was at work. He brought his pillow. In the rush of things, the pillow got left at his folks house. He called and wanted me to ship the pillow to him. I called to make arrangements to get the pillow only to learn his mother threw the pillow away!!

    He has since broken in another pillow. That may even be more disgusting than the first. And it goes with us on every vacation.

  3. P.S. Tara sent me!

  4. I’m with you on this one. I’m spoiled by my Tempurpedic pillows and always remember to take them along on trips (even camping!) Hope you get a good night’s sleep anyway…

  5. I’m with you. Hard pillows are awful.

  6. amen brother! i hate hard hard hard pillows. mine is JUST RIGHT, perfect, not too hard, not too soft. and the pillow case you ask? yum. it is flannel. like sleeping next to a cuddly stuffed animal 🙂

    not only is my pillowcase flannel, but so are my sheets.
    ol’ boy

  7. me, too! flannel all the way baby!! love feeling like stuffed animal fur is near me all the time!

  8. hey, thanks for the email. you’re cool 🙂

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