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Daily Archives: April 25th, 2008

I’m not sure how you may feel about pillows but I really become attached to mine and find it hard to sleep on a strange one.

I forgot my pillow when I packed up to come to this meeting.  I realized it when I was about 75 miles from home, too far to turn back.

When i got to my room here at the hotel I noticed there were eight pillows on the bed.  Wow.  Out of eight pillows you would think at least one might suffice.

You would think wrong.

Eight pillows and all were hard as a rock.  If a hotel was going to put eight pillows on your bed hopefully they would go with a couple of very firm ones, a couple of firm, a couple medium, and a couple soft ones. 

And this is a single room.  Why in the world would anyone need eight pillows? 

If I’m elected king o’ the world one of my first proclamations will address this issue…

I’m very active in my local teacher’s association (read “union” in there…) and am currently at the state delegate assembly.  Pretty boring stuff, trust me.  Luckily the hotel has wireless access.

The President of the state association is the moderator of the meetings.  Just a few minutes ago he made the following announcement:

“We are going to take a 15 break now so you can go out and spread your legs.”

He immediately realized what he said and turned a bright red, and needless to say the meeting hall absolutely roared.

Really, I don’t make this stuff up…