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If you’ve read the post before last you know we’re giving state mandated tests this week.   I teach Algebra 2 third period and seventh period.  Because of testing I haven’t seen my third period class for almost two weeks.  Instead of working ahead with my seventh period class we’ve been reviewing the material from this year, hopefully so something will stick to their brain for when they take MY state test.

I’ve been assigning a lot of work, and the kids have been grumbling a bit so today I told them to work problems 1 – 37 every other odd one.

A girl who sits in the back of the room, a very timid young lady  who has never raised her hand before slowly bagan to stretch an arm towards the ceiling. 

Slightly amazed I asked, “Do you have a question Whitney?”

“Uhm, ah, well,” she replied.  “Isn’t every other one already odd, Mr. W______”




  1. *snicker* At least she was listening.

  2. don’t you just love the naivety of kids? quite honestly, it could be worse. you could have my son. he just posted a story about his math teacher on my blog.

  3. Hehe 🙂 I agree. At least she was paying attention, sort of.

  4. DakTari sent me, but I’m glad to be here (as a teacher, too). You made find it even odder to know that my school gives it’s mandated test in OCTOBER! In fact, this year, we started the day after Halloween. Genius, huh?

  5. DakTari sent me too! Although I prefer to call her Tara. hehe.

    That was cute of her. haha. I didn’t like Algebra. I had to have tutoring in Algebra two, and once the teacher put it into ‘everyday’ use I could apply logic to it, and, booya, there it was!

  6. I want to clarify, it was Algebra 2, second year.

  7. hi there,
    dak tari sent me. but i call her TARa. and she rocks. algebra meant nothing to me until a college professor made it fun and simple for me. i loved his approach. welcome to the blogosphere. you lucky duck to get to be related to awesome TARa 🙂

    greetings from kathleenybeany in anchorage alaska 🙂

  8. Yep, sent by Dak-Tari, and so glad I was! I may not comment regularly, but you can be sure I’ll be reading.

  9. If she’d been a really smart smart-ass student, she would have done problems 1, 5, 9, 13, etc… you know, “every other odd one” and saved herself half the work. 🙂 Your stories crack me up. Definitely put up pictures of the staplers!

    And welcome to blogging (found you from Dak-Tari)

  10. Wait, I am not that good in math. Every other one IS odd, right? Or did she mean weird-odd? 😉

  11. Isn’t every other odd one 1, 7, 11, etc.?

  12. oops
    NO, I was wrong

    I should get some more coffee and stay off your comments bar for the day, huh?

    1, 5, 9, 13… that’s better

    yes, exactly right. A for the day (it would have been an A+, but it took you two tries…).

  13. two tries! hahaha

  14. and dak tari wanted me to tell you that my nickname that she calls me is … are you ready? “beany.” yup, i am beany. so, howdy! i didn’t name myself it. a friend of mine recently started calling me and it has stuck 🙂

  15. but of course, i am not the beany that you and TARa know from way back when. i am the new and improved beany. hehehe

  16. ok, i’m outa here now. i look like a freak leaving you a million comments at once and i am pretty normal 🙂

  17. Pssht.. She called herself a freak. haha!

    Two tries is good. I learned from my mistake and then succeeded. Thanks for the A!

  18. hahaha! sue is a riot. if you are getting visited by her tons, you must be sumthang special! 🙂 beany

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