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Daily Archives: April 24th, 2008

If you’ve read the post before last you know we’re giving state mandated tests this week.   I teach Algebra 2 third period and seventh period.  Because of testing I haven’t seen my third period class for almost two weeks.  Instead of working ahead with my seventh period class we’ve been reviewing the material from this year, hopefully so something will stick to their brain for when they take MY state test.

I’ve been assigning a lot of work, and the kids have been grumbling a bit so today I told them to work problems 1 – 37 every other odd one.

A girl who sits in the back of the room, a very timid young lady  who has never raised her hand before slowly bagan to stretch an arm towards the ceiling. 

Slightly amazed I asked, “Do you have a question Whitney?”

“Uhm, ah, well,” she replied.  “Isn’t every other one already odd, Mr. W______”


I now have 23 staplers and 6 tape dispensers.

I’ll take pictures Monday and try to post them here…

My school is in the middle of three weeks of mandatory end of instruction tests.  EOI as they are known in these here parts.  Is Oklahoma the only state where “end” of instruction tests are given 6 weeks before the end of school?  Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

I was the test administrator yesterday for some of the kids taking the U.S. History test.  This test is given online and there are two parts.  Each part is to take approximately 60 minutes.

I walked the kids through the login process and read the test instructions, verbatim from the book (don’t want to lose my license you know).  Told the kids to begin and noted the time, 8:21.

At 8:47 all 20 kids were done.

Read the instructions for the second part.  One of the sample questions the answers were, and I kid you not, A. F, B. G, C. H, or D, K.  I mean really, I thought for a second I was in the middle of a Saturday Night Live skit.


Started the second part, which again is supposed to take 60 minutes, at 8:53.  All 20 kids were done this time at 9:11.

Do you think, perhaps, that the kids realize that the tests mean absolutely nothing to them.  No grade,  doesn’t affect their graduation, nothing.  The tests will determine whether or not our school gets taken over by the state, it could determine whether or not the teacher keeps their job, it will sure as hell make the newspaper how bad our school is, but personal responsibility for the kid…  nope.

E I E I O.