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At the AP night I mentioned in a previous post a few teachers were sitting together waiting for the presentation to be over.  One of the teachers, Ms. H___ at one point handed me a stapler.  I’m still not sure why, but she did.

It was a really nice stapler. 

I stuck it in my coat pocket.  After the presentation the teachers scattered to their pre-determined areas to meet with the parents and potential students.  After the meeting was over I went back to my room to drop off my stuff.  I still had the stapler in my pocket so I laid it on my desk.

Two days later I get an email from Ms. H___.  The email was short and to the point.

Can I have my stapler back?

I replied:  What, it wasn’t a gift?  I can’t believe you’re an Indian giver [note to anyone who might be offended by that term – get over it].  If you want your stapler back, you’ll have to come get it.

A few minutes later a student appeared at my door with a pass from Ms. H___.  I gave her the stapler.

About a week passed.  I had to go to Ms. H___’s room for something, and while there, I stole her stapler.

She emailed me the next day and asked if I had her stapler.  I replied that no, I had my stapler, she gave it to me.  A few minutes later a kid showed up with a pass and a note asking for the stapler.  I gave it to her.

Fast forward two days.  I was passing Ms. H___’s room on my way to somewhere else and noticed she had left her door open and she was nowhere to be found.  So…   I stole her stapler.

She sent and email an hour later asking if I had her stapler.  I told her no.  Sure enough a few minutes later, kid at the door.  I sent the stapler back and then sent Ms. H___ an email explaining to her that the game would be much more fun if she tried to steal her stapler back instead of sending a kid.

When I stole the stapler the next day she didn’t email me.  7th period I noticed that her stapler was gone off my desk.  ‘Aha,’ I thought, ‘The game is afoot.”

I promptly emailed her and congratulated her on joining the game.

Today one of my student’s informed me that Ms. H___ had told her students to be on the lookout for me, and to make sure her stapler remained safe.  Well, now we’re getting the students involved, nice touch.  I informed all my students that day that there would be extra credit given for anyone who brought me the stapler from Ms. H___’s room.

Sure enough, by the end of the following period I had her stapler. 

And, high school students being the way they are, most of them hadn’t been paying close attention.  By the end of the day I had seventeen staplers.  I’m not sure who the hell they belong to, but I’m thinking of putting them on eBay…




  1. I hope I’m not stalking the wrong teacher…

    Dak Tari

    p.s. no matter funny stuff here… was it a red Swingline stapler?

    • chalkdustmakesmesneeze
    • Posted April 23, 2008 at 4:43 pm
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    Yeah, it be me.

    And it was/is a metalic blue Swingline.


  2. I can only imagine… 17, wow! That’s hilarious.

  3. That is SO awesome! Here due to Dak Tari. Will be back…

  4. I LOVE the stapler story!

    My friend and I launched a similar battle over my Shrek-Halloween basket. She coerced a couple of my students into stealing it when I had a sub…and told me I couldn’t have it back until I figured out who “jacked” it.
    She apparently forgot that I have a master key that gets me into her room.
    I went in after school one day and “un-jacked” it.

  5. Hysterical. Love that you’ve both called in reinforcements.

  6. ROFLMAO!! I can totally picture it! Kids with teacher permission to steal!

  7. LMAO! hahahaha! This is gold!… just read the update. How do kids confuse staplers and tape?

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