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So, last month my school held its annual AP night.  For those of you not in the know AP stands for Advanced Placement.  AP night is a requirement to enroll for an AP class.  The student and at least one parent must attend.  There is a presentation from our senior counselor explaining the program and then each AP teacher has a table set up with information and contracts.

Yes, we make our AP students, and their parents, sign a contract.  It basically says that they are aware of the workload involved and agree to meet certain requirements to remain in the class.  Anyway…

The header on the contract read like this:

M_______ High School:  Where excelence is expected!


I’ll give you a minute.


That was the header of the contract that we had our brightest kids, and their parents, sign.  And we give the kids the high stakes tests…



  1. I bet whoever wrote that is realy proud of him/herself, too!

  2. I didn’t need the minute, but thank you for being concerned. I am only late posting this comment becuase I have only recently found your blog.

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