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Okay, not sure why I’m doing this, but lets give it a shot.

I teach high school math and was cleaning out my email files the other day.  Some of them contained some funny shit.  People have told me that I tell funny stories.  Lets find out…

Some people are going to think I make this stuff up, but, it will all be true stories, ripped right from the headlines, as they say.

Keep in mind, I’m a math teacher.  If you find any grammar or punctuation errors, well, live with it.

Names will be changed to protect not the innocent, but me.

I came by the name of this adventure from a conversation I overheard between two students a week or so ago.  I was at my desk before the first bell and heard a loud sneeze that came from the hall outside my door.  It was followed in quick succession by several violent sneezes.  I mean, violent.  I got up and started to my door to check on the poor soul and heard the following:

“Dude, you okay?”

“Yeah, I guess chalk dust makes me sneeze.”

“What do you mean chalk dust?”

“I got some chalkdust from Mrs. M’s room and snorted it.  Man, that’s some bad shit.”

Now if any of you have ever wondered about the future of our children let me assure you, this isn’t an isolated incident.  High school kids are, for the most part, that stupid.   I try my best to save some, but most of them are fine fodder for comedy.  I’ll be here to chronical the comical.

And trust me, it ain’t all about the kids.  Other teachers, parents, administrators, i’m tellin’ you, funny shit.

See you around.






  1. And you didn’t laugh out loud? I would’ve been found out by at least some sort of choked outburst.

    I remember high school as being a strange time too. But I have never heard of people snorting chalk o.O
    My senses gets messed up when I accidentally breathe in pool water!

    Hopefully the chalk is marked non-toxic (even though that won’t save the airways).

  2. Hey Cuz… I want to add your blog to my blogroll… maybe drive some traffic to your site. Do you mind?

  3. Chronicle the comical–that you do. Funny stuff! I happened over here from Tara’s blog to say hello!

  4. Oh, I finally made it to the first entry. I’m bass ackwards, you know.

    This explains the title. Hope you stick around!

  5. I also started at the end, and here I finish at the first entry. I have laughed all the way through. I would love to add you to my blogroll but only with your permission.

    Your stories remind me of my daily life with high school students, most people don’t believe you when you tell them these things!

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